Helpful Hint Stress Busters!

Next time you’re having a really difficult time with your child or just an overall bad day, try one of these ideas: 

      Turn on some music and start singing along. Better yet, make up a silly song or sing a song in another language.  Have your child sing with you in Spanish, the song is so simple, and see if that gets everyone laughing! It would if I was singing with you and the kids love it!

When you’re really stressed out, give yourself permission to stop everything, go outside and take off your shoes and socks.  Have your child take off his shoes, socks might be optional for them, and now you and your child walk around on the grass barefoot for five minutes or so.  Trust me this is a therapeutic stress stopper, without any side effects!

These are just a few ideas to help reduce stress in our lives. If you have any helpful hints for stopping stress that you have found useful go ahead and share them on this message board!  We value your input and want to hear from you.

Please be sure and check back for more Stress Busting ideas and helpful hints, as we are constantly updating the message board with creative insights that are designed with the special needs parent in mind!