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“With God’s Help, One Seed of Pain Can Grow A Garden Full of Purpose”

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I mean Josh has Down’s and is MMR, so how could he possibly understand what was going on inside of me and help me get better? Well, let me tell you almost from the beginning, Josh’s life began to speak to me and as time went on he  began to show me this way of living, I would have otherwise probably never knew existed  The “Joshua Factor” isn’t so much about the fact that my son has Down’s as much as it is about how far he has been able to live beyond his disability thus, inspiring others to rise above their own limitations allowing brokenness and blessings to coexist simultaneously  (I often say this type of Love goes above and beyond loving others the way you want to be loved and instead loves them the way they need to be loved.)

Think about it with me and you’ll see it too. It is as if God is making beauty grow out of great brokenness. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have personally watched my son Josh practice these loving actions in just the right amount at the picture perfect time and the outcome is always the same. Someone like me is empowered to live beyond their own brokenness and challenging life issues, discovering that within the brokenness of our lives lives the seeds of blessing and benefit. I don’t know exactly when, but somewhere along the way, I began to plant my own seeds of brokenness and today, by God’s amazing Grace, I serve others in a growing counseling ministry. I stand amazed at the people that God sends us and how many of them I can look at and honestly say,”I can relate to how you feel inside because I was clinically depressed for a vast majority of my life and didn’t realize it, but I met someone who has taught me a way to get better!” So, I have been asked what is it? How did you get better, please tell me so I can feel better too! So, I say it is the “Joshua Factor!”

Again, as you follow these blogs, it is my prayer that you may come to have your own Joshua Factor experience and that no matter what you may be facing, you will realize that God is able to send someone who can understand and help you get better thus, empowering you to also live beyond your own brokenness and challenging life issues.

The Joshua Factor

Part 2

On this day, I had made up my mind to do what I had been secretly planning to do for months. I was going to end my life by driving my car in front of an oncoming train and making it look like an accident, as there were no guard rails at this crossing. The intense pain would be over and all the hurt would stop. As the train approached, I felt a sense of relief. Then suddenly from deep within my being, I felt something. It caught me totally by suprise as I hadnt felt anything but numbness inside for months. As the blast of the horn placed the train almost in front of me, my mouth spontainiously opened and words seemingly poured out as if someone else was saying this to me. I was completely taken back as I heard myself cry out,”Lord please send someone who can understand what’s going on inside of me and help me get better!”

These words saved my life becasue those words envoked a seed of hope that made me begin to think that maybe just maybe, there was someone who could understand and help me get better.

(Can I just share right here, that 90% of all people who are clinically depressed and suicidal that seek help get better and never go on to attempt suicide again!)

Keep watching next week for another part to this amazing story.  I pray you are being blessed by this story.


           As you follow these blogs, it is my prayer that you may come to have your own Joshua Factor experience and that no matter what you may be facing, you will realize that God is able to send someone who can understand and help you get better thus, empowering you to also live beyond your own brokenness and challenging life issues.

What is the “Joshua Factor”anyway? My son, Josh who’s 15 and has Down Syndrome has his own way of asking. When he’s very curious and wants to know more about something he says,”Dad, what does it mean?”

So what does the “Josh Factor” mean to me? Well, that’s a profound question and someday I would love to meet you for hot tea and share the story with you in person. But until then, Ill try my best to capture a snap shot of the idea in hopes that it will impact you as much as it has me. The reality of the “Joshua Factor

          Did you know that 1 in 4 people will experience major depression in their lifetime? And that every 17 minutes someone commits suicide in the US alone.  More alarming still is the reality that as many as 8 veterans a day die by suicide.  Now, here is the most misunderstood fact; suicide is the most preventable death of all.  Most people who attempt suicide are clinically depressed.  90% of clinically depressed people who reach out for help never make an attempt again.  This is very personal to me as I saw this depression first hand.  My beloved husband had clinical depression and did not know it.  He suffered for a while not even realizing that he had depression.  He is a veteran and had thought about suicide several times as an adult.  He received help through the Grace of God.  After realizing the need for help, he now has his doctorate degree and is helping others with depression.  Stay connected and find out in the weeks to come how his incredible testimony has changed his life and changed the life of others.  You can also go to  www.joshuasfriends.org and click on Your Best Life Now Counseling to find out more about getting help for yourself or a loved one.

Helpful Hint Stress Busters!

Next time you’re having a really difficult time with your child or just an overall bad day, try one of these ideas: 

Turn on some music and start singing along. Better yet, make up a silly song or sing a song in another language.  Have your child sing with you in Spanish, the Choc.o.la.te song is so simple, and see if that gets everyone laughing! It would if I was singing with you and the kids love it!

When you’re really stressed out, give yourself permission to stop everything, go outside and take off your shoes and socks.  Have your child take off his shoes, socks might be optional for them, and now you and your child walk around on the grass barefoot for five minutes or so.  Trust me this is a therapeutic stress stopper, without any side effects!

These are just a few ideas to help reduce stress in our lives. If you have any helpful hints for stopping stress that you have found useful go ahead and share them on this message board!  We value your input and want to hear from you.

Please be sure and check back for more Stress Busting ideas and helpful hints, as we are constantly updating the message board with creative insights that are designed with the special needs parent in mind!